10 awesome ad campaigns you\'ve never heard of

by:YEROO     2019-10-21
Amnesty International\'s hidden domestic abuse has insisted on another less humorous bus shelter ad, although its design may be cooler than the sneeze logo in the academic world.
Amnesty International is known for promoting advertising innovation;
In June 2009, JUNG von MATT, a German agency, created this advertising space for bus shelters condemning domestic abuse for human rights organizations, no exception.
A poster from Amnesty International shows that at least when the embedded camera feels you\'re looking at the logo, it\'s not noticeable for a couple to stand together.
When the camera notices that you no longer watch the poster, the image of the couple becomes a scene where the husband beats his wife.
The delay in pre-programming changes the image, so no observer will miss the message.
The logo has the label \"This happens when no one is watching\" with the Amnesty International logo.
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