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Update: 08: 55 on October 23, 2009, after the traffic owner bought a new bus shelter for £ 10,000, the villagers were all next --
One year after the service was canceled
Despite the cancellation of the service to Ryhill lakeside manor located between Wickfield and Barnsley, South Yorkshire, Metro bus operators have installed luxury shelters with lights and seating.
The shining sanctuary even has a sign that says the bus goes to Barnsley, Fitzwilliam, Roston and Hemsworth.
However, after the residents indicated that the schedule had been installed after the bus had stopped operating, the schedule was canceled.
Reg Crampton, a retired forklift operator at Ryhill\'s 71, said: \"There was a shelter there in the past and there was nothing wrong with it, but one day they showed up and replaced it.
When I saw the effort they were going to make a year ago, I couldn\'t believe my eyes, because the bus was parked here, so I didn\'t know why they were going to put a new one.
I went out when they checked and said, \"Does that mean the bus will stop here now?
\"They told me they already had it, but when I said the service had stopped they looked a little red and canceled the schedule.
The only bus near here is the school bus.
A girl got on it and she didn\'t even use the shelter.
Really ridiculous.
They told me it cost me 10,000.
I\'m here, fighting for my army pension and the money is wasted.
How much wasted in the country like this?
Mr. Crampton added: \"Many of us here are elderly people, and many locals are in their 80 s . \"
I just had a heart bypass surgery and one of my neighbors had two heart surgeries.
\"Anyway, we should get a bus down from here.
The 75-year-old Colin Colliers (Colin Colliers), a retired carpenter, agreed that the new bus shelter was said by sillyHe: \"They have run out of money
There is no suitable bus stop there at all.
Jon Trickett, MP for Hemsworth, said: \"This is incredible.
This is the most ridiculous thing ever.
The bus always comes down here and they shouldn\'t stop it.
How can they manage without a bus?
We need a bus back.
A Subway spokesman said: \"It seems that the former service of the lakeside manor will not be replaced, because the people in the manor can take the bus to Wakefield every 15 minutes, every hour, you can go to Barnsley and depart from the station near Nostell Lane.
\"This sanctuary is likely to be demolished and relocated at another stop in the area.
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