by:YEROO     2019-11-04
How much tax is needed for homeless people in New York City-a report released today by the Independent Budget Office of New York City focuses on the increase in housing costs for homeless families and single adults since 2007, housing costs have increased by 62%.
The report concluded that the municipal, state and federal funds increased from $0. 604 billion in the fiscal year 2007 to an estimated $0. 976 billion in 2015.
In June, an average of 13,795 families and 11,927 single adults lived in shelters every night, with a total of about 56,000 people.
Mayor Blasio promised to spend another $1 billion over the next four years to solve the problem of return.
Many advocates want to see the city spend less on the temporary response to homelessness and more on the longer --term solutions.
What do you say? What is your reaction to housing costs rising 62% in eight years? If the money is spent for a longer period of time, you are welcome to use 0. 976 billion of the tax to place those family members-
Term solutions like affordable housing or job training programs if you stay in a homeless shelter in New York City for a while, if you live or work nearby, what will it look like, whether it\'s from the city or the state, whether it\'s popular in the community or not, our taxes will eventually be used to pay for the shelter.
It is shocking to see steady growth in housing demand.
This shows that while people need help in the short term to get back on their feet, they need funding for permanent housing and basic necessities in the long run.
This is a problem that the government needs to pay attention.
I think the money would be better spent on building affordable housing and vocational training for those who want to return to the labor market. When and if Mr.
Trump was elected and he said he will bring jobs from China so that people who live here can work and we need job training so that we can do work that supports our family, 0. 976 billion can make work training possible.
Some of us are well educated and smart, but we need work training.
Herman goes to the West City, and of course there are host families. The rent is ridiculous, the cost of travel, the food.
Wait, so where should someone get all this money from, people will because of not
Daily payment-
Greedy landlords are helpful in this and where should they go.
Esmerelda in East Village increased the amount spent by 5 times and sent the bill to Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Diamond and other bankers who stole and cheated, these
Sean from Manhattan at least 5 times, there are too many people here & the price here is too expensive.
But keep this in mind: these will be remembered as good old days. . . .
MZ queensi lives in the Chelsea area, and since we got that horrible BRC shelter on Street 27, there has been a crime, public obscenity, urinating on the street, there was a big pool coming and we wanted our community back.
Helen M. , chelsea-the mayor and the governor constantly blame each other on every issue and it\'s really growing-continues to manage the city and state.
Tom in the forest is really disappointing.
New York has so much money to spend on temporary housing.
We need to raise wages, we need to provide housing for veterans who fight for our country, and we need to get these people out of the street.
No one should sleep on the street. ÂJ.
While homelessness continues to get out of control, our vets who serve and fight in our Army account for a large part of the homeless, which is particularly shameful and shocking ---
Not just in New York, but across the country.
Is this how we treat our country\'s heroes? It\'s not just a local issue, it\'s also a national issue that needs to be addressed by Albany, the federal government and the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Gretchen is very bad at managing tax spending.
They threw away the hard-earned money we had on wasted projects that did more harm than good.
At the same time, due to the tax, the staff were unable to retire in the city they helped build, our elected officials are not at all worried about Peter Bronx we should consider cleaning the streets of the homeless by launching a project that pays for the individual, having them live with them is similar to the foster care program, which is called foster care for homeless people.
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