175 new bus shelters coming from nj transit

by:YEROO     2019-10-03
NJT Bus and shelter united city.
Jpg passengers get off near a bus stop in Union City.
NJ Transit will cost $1.
6 million purchase and install 175 bus shelters within two years. (
Larry Higgs, senior New Jersey mediacom)
Bus commuters will have more than 175 places to avoid rain, snow or the sun.
NJ Transit will cost $1.
0. 627 billion buy 175 new bus shelters from Handihut Inc.
Clifton, and will install most of it in new locations in the next two years.
Curiosity about road construction by public transport
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Jennifer Nelson said: \"NJ Transit has a policy that if the municipality agrees to maintain a shelter under the current agreement, shelters of 20 years of age or older may be replaced at the request of the municipality, new Jersey traffic spokesman.
The first phase of the shelter program is planned to be installed in Logan Township and grasboro, Westampton and Bath river, Burlington, woris, Bairam and Springfield, United county, Gloucester County
In the past 30 years, about 3,000 bus shelters have been installed in NJ Transit.
She said that the rest will be installed in different locations, as required by the municipalities and bus passengers, and as advised by transport officials in New Jersey.
Read: If the Hudson River tunnel is closed, the commuter nightmare \"because the asylum plan is request-driven, Nelson said:\" We don\'t know where the 175 shelters will be installed in two years, I don\'t know how many are new or replaced. \".
\"We continue to receive requests on a regular basis and we are taking action.
\"There are two conditions --
A venue is large enough to accommodate a shelter, which the city government agreed to maintain, she said.
How do commuters nominate their favorite bus stop as a potential shelter location? \"Customers can apply directly to the staff of the bus station signs and shelters program through our customer service department for shelters, Nielsen said.
\"When we receive a request from the sanctuary, we forward it to our municipal contacts for their consideration.
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