20 new bus shelters planned

by:YEROO     2019-09-20
Coimbatore Corporation has begun the construction of bus shelters with digital displays of time, temperature and bus time at 20 locations on Avanashi Road in the city.
CostEach shelter will cost Rs. 5 lakh to Rs.
Company Commissioner Anshul Mishra said lakh and there will be a polycarbonate canopy where sunlight can only filter but will not cause difficulties for passengers waiting.
\"This is a common roof that enables natural lighting.
\"A model bus shelter was established on Huzur Road (
Avanashi Road)
Near the Indian Red Cross building.
A steel bench was provided for passengers.
The advertisement will be allowed within the prescribed scope, and the display light will provide the necessary lighting in the shelter.
The city needs 300 shelters.
The top 20 of Avanashi Road will be funded by the company.
Suggestions for establishing others under the public
Private partnerships have been sent to the government for approval.
\"At the same time, we have issued work orders for 20 shelters on Avanashi Road.
It will be an ideal place to shelter from the rain, both against the rain and the dazzling sunshine.
Aesthetically, in addition to the clock, temperature indicator and Bus Time, each shelter will also have a digital display of the bus route number, \"said the commissioner.
On the Beach Road in Chennai, six such shelters have been built.
The locations of the other 280 shelters have sent a list of locations identified by the company to the city police and regional transportation offices.
In order to know whether the bus shelters will hinder traffic, the views of these institutions have to be obtained.
Joint inspections can be carried out if other agencies want so that shelters can be properly positioned.
The site of the 20 shelters that have been cleared was decided after joint inspections with the city police, the Highway Department and the regional transportation office.
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