210 bus shelters could soon get a facelift

by:YEROO     2019-09-07
Thanks to the company\'s decision to hand over up to 210 bus shelters to private development and maintenance, many bus shelters in the city will soon be ready for cosmetic surgery and have better seating and lighting
As part of the landscaping program, the program is designed to attract private sponsors to renovate bus shelters, transport islands and parks.
As requested by N, regional authorities have held a series of meetings with private sponsorsR.
Sivapathi, minister of school education, law, Youth Welfare and Sports.
According to the company\'s sources, civic institutions have finalized the design, estimation and allocation of the development site to private sponsors.
Of the city\'s 240 bus shelters, 210 will be handed over to private sponsors for development and maintenance through the tender process.
The Corporate Council recently approved an initiative to hand over shelters for three years of development and maintenance on the basis of construction, operation and transfer.
Private sponsors or companies have the right to use two-
The third part of their advertising and rest space should be left to the company to post promotional slogans or advertisements.
Subject to the conditions set by the company, sponsors will be required to provide a beautifully designed shelter with rust
Wear-resistant materials that meet international standards.
They need to provide clocks, ramps, handrails, drinking water supplies, proper lighting, bins and phone chargers.
Shelters should be different.
Friendly and special arrangements for people who have challenges.
Sponsors will be required to start the development work within 15 days of the award of the tender.
The company has hired a number of private institutions to develop some of the city\'s transport islands, and the work is under way --a-
More than a dozen transport Islands
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