7 things you may have missed this week

by:YEROO     2019-11-06
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 19/3/2010 (3022 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
TeachersDakota Collegiate wants to \"enable students to start using technology as a tool \".
\"The way to feel like doing this is to ask every ninth grade student to come to school with a portable electronic device.
A year ago, the children of Churchill High School showed that they were skilled.
They recorded and uploaded videos of two teachers\' dirty dances with their PEDs.
We suspect the children of Dakota know. how, too.
The biggest learning curve is their teachers;
They must learn all the techniques they can use to deal with them.
The Norn donoki Cavaliers started the season as the \"bottom feeder.
\"Some of them can hardly skate.
They haven\'t played in a team before.
The fourth-grade children lost almost every game.
And then they did six.
Winning streak almost made the playoffs.
\"They shouldn\'t win.
We\'re from the north end, \"said team manager Nicole Braun.
Still, their neighbors support them.
\"When our kids win, we go out and celebrate,\" Braun said . \".
At the Norkey School, Principal Nancy DYK said: \"We update the scores for students every day and everyone cheers . \".
Stories like this make us curious. . .
Why does Canadian sports want small league teams to keep scoring no longer?
Is their number here?
Why did Sam Katz win all the time? Well. . .
Maybe he\'s a good mayor.
Or, his opposition is even more incompetent than he is.
As evidence, we submitted an advertising campaign launched last week by six opposition lawmakers.
If they object to the $847 in the city, it urges the Winnie to call Katz. 9-
A blueprint for millions of dollars this year.
It includes a phone number.
The only problem is that the number is wrong! \"This is a $1-
They can\'t even make a seven-digit figure, \"Katz said. Memo to Katz-
Remember, this guy has a team.
If you throw soft balls like this all the time, he will drive them out of the park.
BIZ has a field War against cadets in downtown Winnipeg.
This time, it\'s not between a wild combination of cowz and a competitor like India.
It is located between the business center and the Winnipeg police officer.
On 2007, the company\'s community outreach patrol took to the streets in its gorgeous red gang colours.
Part of its mission is to get the drunkard out of the street.
Then, in 2010, the students in gorgeous blue gang colors came.
Included in their mission: Help the drunkard out of the street.
Who will win this showdown?
Capo famiglia, EPC, in this town, is studying the transfer of the business of the downtown business patrol to the trainees in 2012.
Let\'s hope that the business patrol will proceed peacefully.
The Book \'ema group called itself a shelter Book and came up with a unique way to promote literacy and a little warmth.
Members put books and blankets in various bus shelters around the city.
They were snapped up soon.
It is not for enthusiastic readers, but for Tom.
A spokeswoman for Winnipeg Transportation said the books were removed because of safety hazards and fire hazards.
This is true.
Books can burn or contain dangerous ideas.
But we take the risk of being accosted by an illiterate beggar.
The real problem with these books may be that the group did not get permission first. Come on, guys.
To know that there is a correct way of doing things, there is no need for books to learn.
When reading materials at bus shelters, readers can consider going to the Millennium Library.
Today, they can even read a living book.
Several Winnie people volunteered to participate in the human library project.
You can check one of them in 30 minutes.
In 22 titles: Eric Johnson of tattoos and body
Looks like a mod fan of the kind of person you locked up your daughter.
Or you might want to browse a Canadian Muslim woman.
If you can\'t go to the library, you can try talking to some of the human books in the bus shelters.
Who is selling Who?
When we saw the picture of Bruce Carson, we gave him the benefit of doubt.
He looks like he\'s in his 70 s, but given that politics can make one old, he\'s probably 39.
Carson and 22 are engaged. year-
Former escort Michelle McPherson works for a company that wants to provide a water filtration system to the First Nations reserve.
She even has a contract that gives her an action every time a system is sold.
It\'s not surprising that her boyfriend has been lobbying the offices of Indian Affairs Minister John Duncan to buy these systems.
Surprisingly, a year ago, he was a senior advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
Impact of selling? We\'ll see.
What we really want to know is, how did the two lovebirds hook up at the beginning?
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