A brief introduction to the necessary expenses for the signboard of spiritual fortress

by:YEROO     2020-02-29
What part of the price of a spiritual fortress is roughly made up of, many customers who have the necessary will not be too clear at the beginning. Below, the cost composition will help customers clearly grasp the details. I. Design cost: This item is for the situation that the customer does not have design drawings for spiritual fortress. If there are few regulations and the design scheme is simple, generally speaking, the manufacturer can show the design scheme completely free of charge (Outside the engineering design company). If the requirement is of high complexity, some expenses will be deducted depending on the situation. In addition, after confirming the scheme design with the spiritual fortress manufacturer, it is necessary to apply to the Metropolitan City Administration for review of the spiritual fortress review document ( The actual situation should be based on the real situation, and the local city authority should be contacted to take the local as the standard) General Spiritual fortress manufacturers always undertake design, manufacturing and installation after-sales service. II. Labor Cost: Firstly, according to the surrounding environment of the spiritual fortress installation, and confirm the scale and size of the spiritual fortress, then confirm the production of raw materials for the spiritual fortress, because the raw materials for the spiritual fortress are more common, according to different requirements, different materials will be applied, including stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, aluminum plates, acrylic plates, etc. Among them, stainless steel plates are divided into domestic or imported ones. For example, stainless steel plates and aluminum plates are commonly used in the production of real estate spiritual fortresses. The real situation is presented according to the customer's requirements and the manufacturer's technical proposals. Finally, the most satisfactory results of the customers are discussed. III. Processing cost: including welding processing, polishing and polishing processing, car paint processing, paint processing, Assembly processing, etc. Four, miscellaneous expenses: must light source, power distribution cabinet, transformer (If must shine effect) Other auxiliary material costs: such as welding wire, decontamination material, paint material, etc. Five, transportation costs: according to the size of the product specifications, net weight and long journey. 6. Labor costs: including excavation of foundation, removal of residual soil, rigid-reinforced earthworm, concrete, Crane and installation costs. Seven, after-sales service maintenance costs: the general spiritual fortress within the validity period in addition to floods, human errors and other unique conditions, are to show completely free maintenance. If the validity period is exceeded, a certain amount of labor salary and travel arrangement fee will be deducted. The production cost of the signboard of the spiritual fortress is the above points. If you are a spiritual fortress, you will find Foshan Yilong and enjoy quality service.
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