A bus shelter design should possess what principle?

by:YEROO     2020-03-23
Systemic principle in the process of design is different from other products, on the design of the group, must with the internal reality move all the same, such as the style of whole city shelters design can be harmonious with change machine groups the same, must be useful to solve the bus with people, bus waiting areas and the people, and the structure of community harmony, at the same time, according to the reality to design match coordinated road of the city, it can be organically link in the whole city, all the way and the foil of a city bus features, for the whole city bus have very good publicity effect. The principle of regional regional still relatively special is very strong, because each region has own culture, in the process of design, must respect the local culture, and gradually along with the economic globalization and regional differentiation, in this century has formed the whole of the regional culture of anime, in some ways, regional cultural features, realize the value of that enthusiasm for it, for example, the process of design at the Beijing airport, British architects have to airport puts forward the concept of Chinese red, in the process of design, many people, it's on the plane when the feeling characteristic of Beijing, this is the strong regional, to understand regional by color. City bus shelters in the process of design should also through such a regional style to make it stand out gradually. Scientific principle of scientific principle is relatively in the process of design, must want to consider a link, the so-called scientific, is the waiting area must have the function that it should, and city shelters in the process of design should put children seat, at the same time, it should be aimed at children physiological development of a variety of different color, showing humanistic care, and set the whole bus waiting area to different level, every level represent different traffic, in order to the bus stop for hierarchies of temper. Suqian olin advertising technology co. , LTD. Factory since its inception, with the enterprise concept of 'make the city more beautiful', has always been adhering to the good quality and fine tradition of suqian shelters manufacturer, specialize in design and harsh judgment of product quality reflect the beautiful and humanization.
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