a bus stop or a parking lot?

by:YEROO     2019-09-24
City transport commuter boardingMTC)
The bus from the Maharani theater bus stop at Korukkupet requested from Chennai Traffic Police that they take action against people parking at parking points.
The intrusion of the bus shelter caused inconvenience to commuters as they had to wait at the station a few metres from the parking point.
You can see a large number of commuters waiting for the steps of the commercial establishment on stretch sections and sidewalks.
Commuters complain that visitors to shops often park their vehicles on sidewalks and roads.
Drivers of cars and shared cars have further exacerbated their problems.
\"The shared autonomous rickshaw drives from here to Thiruvottiyur and the driver stops at the bus stop to attract passengers waiting for the bus.
They don\'t leave an inch of space for the bus to stop at the parking point.
What\'s worse, even two.
The Wheeler driver squeezed through the narrow passage.
We had no choice but to run between this maze of vehicles and board the bus.
More often than not, we ended up missing the bus . \"
Dulga, a resident of CUPE.
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