a horrid time for commuters

by:YEROO     2019-09-24
With the passage of the summer, the commuters stop at many stopovers on Moody\'s Road (
Between West Tambaram and old perlangatur)
Feel the absence of the bus shelter.
It is common for many people to wait near business places.
During a stopover in Deiva Nagar in the direction of Moody\'s court, commuters took refuge near the salon.
At the bus stop on Gandhi Street, a statue of B. R.
Ambedkar saved them from the hot sun.
Passengers at the West Tambaram Lakshmi Mulan extended bus stop are not lucky enough.
Because the shelter at the bus stop suddenly disappeared.
There are only 55 stops at many of the stretches (Tambaram-Mannivakkam), a white-
Suspension of board services.
Other buses 579A (
Tambaram nursing home terminal-Walajabad), 583 (
Tambaram nursing home terminal-Sriperumbudur), and 202 (
Tambaram Bus Terminal-Avadi)
The layer that stretches through will not stop.
\"When the frequency of the bus is too low, it is worse in the afternoon.
To avoid waiting in the hot sun, we had to take the vending machine.
Measures must be taken to install shelters and provide seating facilities . \"
Poornima, senior citizen.
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