a new year gift for commuters

by:YEROO     2019-09-21
Finally, after years of waiting, there will be a roof at the bus stop at the central railway station.
The construction of the station building modern bus shelters belonging to the Southern Railway started a few days ago by the Chennai Metro Railway (CMRL).
Bus shelters are expected to be completed by the end of this month.
At present, commuters heading to Broadway stop at the central railway station.
Two feet-
High concrete pavement blocks separate buses so commuters can wait.
Since the subway began operation a few years ago, there was no shelter and commuters had to endure the heat and dust.
Before the subway track began, the bus station was only a few hundred metres away from the train station.
Traffic has changed, facilitating metro rail work by converting the space within the train station to all bus stops to Broadway.
Now that the Metro work in Park Town is nearing completion, the bus shelters at the central railway station are being built by CMRL.
Chennai Central Metro station is the largest, covering an area of 7,000 square feet.
Then Nehru Park station.
\"As an ordinary commuter, I have been petitioning the relevant authorities, including the railway and MTC, for the construction of bus shelters at the station.
We waited in the shade near the subway to get on the bus, \"S said.
Venugopal, defense lawyer at the Madras High Court.
According to the plan, the new bus shelter will provide a separate bus stop for buses heading to the Broadway bus terminal.
The improved facilities will provide steel seating arrangements, digital timing boards and routes, lighting for ticket checking machines and cabins.
A small steel railing will also be installed to ensure that the space will not be occupied by other vehicles.
Since the central railway station is one of the busiest stations, to ensure the safety of commuters, some police officers will be deployed at the bus station.
More than 2,000 bus stops in the sanctuary state are controlled by MTC, but only 1,150 are authorized by Chennai in 15 areas.
Many bus shelters maintained by the private consortium are being sued and proved to be a stumbling block to modernization work.
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