a strange case of vandalism

by:YEROO     2019-09-23
The doctor next to andrama Sheila Saba bus stopMGR-
A student at the Janaki women\'s college witnessed a strange act of vandalism.
At the bus shelter, the round plates of the five stainless steel stools were missing.
What the gangster does to the metal stand is something that makes you feel weird.
On each stool, the metal stand is distorted differently (see picture).
Although there were no round plates, people sat on some stools.
A commuter questioned the reasons for using expensive materials in public places.
He likes simple cement benches in bus shelters.
He may be right: while the basic bus shelters are not found in most places, what is the need for stainless steel chairs and stools?
Another problem can be observed around this bus stop.
Due to the constant flow of traffic, it is difficult for women to cross the road to reach their university.
There are no traffic police or signals to manage traffic in this paragraph.
The problem is said to have lasted for many years.
One more question in the afternoon.
Shelters near the college are too small to accommodate only 15 people at a time.
About 2 p, however. m.
Every day, about 100 students wait for the bus near the shelter.
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