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by:YEROO     2019-08-26
The air-
The pilot conditions installed in different locations of the city bus shelters act as quiet islands in the hustle and bustle of the city\'s roads.
Not only do they provide shelter for commuters, but they also provide short stays for those who go out, check emails, charge their phones, have a drink or tidy up, or just wait for a date.
Equipped with security and housekeeping, these shelters have little to complain about in terms of cleaning or wandering, just like regular bus stops.
\"I don\'t need to get on the bus.
I have stopped uploading some office pictures here via WiFi and charging my phone, \"P said.
Venkata Ramana, an executive at a credit card company, was found in a shelter near Madhapur during noon off-duty hours.
The shelter was opened by Minister K. T.
Rama Rao was a few months ago.
Shantabai, another woman with children, is waiting for her husband, who is going to do something.
Ironically, this sanctuary is not good for commuters who rush to catch the bus, simply because the bulky door handle cannot be opened quickly.
\"People in a hurry will not enter the shelter, but will catch the bus standing outside,\" said Rakesh, a vendor at a small restaurant in the shelter.
However, he said that the area is packed with IT companies, and witnesses flock to IT during morning and evening rush hours when employees enter shelters to relax.
There is nothing to boast about the air
However, since there is no temperature control panel on the air conditioner unit, the air conditioner cannot work properly.
The facility also has a baby feeding room and toilet, both locked under the lock and key and opened at the request of the security guard.
The bus stop at Khairatabad was packed with commuters at night, not in
During peak hours, except for tourists who occasionally need to charge their mobile phones.
However, due to the very little time the bus stops here, waiting inside is not an option for those in a hurry.
12 shelters in total, some in the air.
In places such as KPHB, Shilparamam, Tank Bund, Banjara Hills near St. , there are conditions, some are not conditions, are installed on a pilot basis
Khairatabad, seven tombs, Shaikpet, Abids Grammar School, RTC Cross Road, Jubilee Hill checkpoint and Raidurgam.
GHMC has partnered with four bidders to establish or renovate bus shelters in 826 locations.
Shelters are divided into four levels.
Advanced, skilled, basic and minimum
According to the space and facilities provided.
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