ac bus shelters to be ready by march

by:YEROO     2019-10-13
In a few months, there will be air in the city.
Conditions of bus shelters under the bus rapid transit system (BRTS)project.
Initially, there will be about 24 such bus shelters in the proposed BRTS corridor.
Among them, 16 will be on Bandar Road and the rest will be on BRTS Road in Stayanarayanapuram.
Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC)
These shelters have been started on BRTS Road.
On this road, two will be built near Nageswara Rao pantroad Road, food Junction and Madhuranagar junction.
In addition, there may be two shelters at the end of the road, totaling 8.
At Bandar Road, two bus shelters will be built at eight intersections.
According to officials, each
The cost of the bus shelter is about Rs.
6 lakh, while the cost of the AC bus shelter is about Rs. 8 lakh.
It was initially estimated that an AC bus shelter would be needed anywhere between Rs. 14 lakh and Rs.
16 lakh, while an ordinary bus shelter needs to be spent between Rs. 8 lakh and Rs. 10 lakh.
The bus shelters are designed to meet international standards and feature information centres, kiosks and passenger amenities with side doors.
There is a ticket vending machine at each bus station.
The bus shelter will be built on the left side of the road edge of the dedicated corridor. The city-
Prakash Arts, a leading outdoor advertising company, was awarded a contract to design a shelter for the BRTS project.
The contract was awarded at the time of the transfer of the building itself (BOT)basis.
The agency will generate revenue by using the inside and outside of the shelter for advertising purposes.
The first phase of the BRTS project covers an area of 15 kilometers. 5 km.
The way to connect G. S.
Raju Road, originally a BRTS-only corridor, and Madhuranagar are almost ready now.
The old Satyanarayanapuram railway track has been transformed into BRTS Road.
If the company can complete the project according to the plan, the city will enjoy a rare advantage in the country.
There are no other cities in the country, including Ahmedabad and Delhi, which are implementing the BRTS project, with AC bus shelters.
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