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Acceptance inspection of outdoor billboards


Outdoor billboards are very important for their production and installation, but don't forget the acceptance check and acceptance criteria. This is also the focus of their work. It is also the focus of our study. So, let's update this opportunity, let's take a good look. Learn and understand the knowledge in this area so that you can understand it clearly and understand it.

YEROO-Acceptance inspection of outdoor billboards

The acceptance check and acceptance criteria for outdoor billboards are as follows:

(1) If necessary, the lightning protection device should be equipped on the billboard. The steel structure frame, metal panel, etc. should be equipped with lightning rods, lightning protection nets, etc., and the grounding resistance should be below 10Ω to prevent lightning strikes and electric shock. Danger and so on.

(2) For outdoor advertising, in the control center, bare copper wire should be used as the local equipotential grounding terminal plate, and its cross-sectional area should not be less than the specified requirements.

(3) The materials used in the billboards shall meet the requirements of the standards and regulations, and the unqualified materials shall not be used.

(4) If the billboard panel is composed of beams and stringers, it must be supported by both horizontal and vertical supports.

(5) The connection of the support to the building and the quality of its installation shall be in accordance with the design requirements and its related regulatory requirements.

The acceptance criteria for outdoor billboards need to meet the above requirements. It is hoped that manufacturers can use this as a standard to ensure that the billboards can be safely used and avoid unnecessary troubles.

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