Accurate positioning of outdoor spiritual fortress signboard

by:YEROO     2020-02-20
Spirit fortress is the dominant visual sign of the signboard system, which is the key display of the theme style of a new project. Its display mode lies in the accurate positioning of the signboard system. As a part of the culture and art of the new project, the identification and guidance system not only has the functions of marking, correct guidance and indication, but also can be said to be the key natural environment for the reasonable layout of the natural environment, it endangers the construction of new project style and the construction orientation of culture and art. The spiritual fortresses confirmed in people's fixed mind are all pillar-style, but in fact, it is also a kind of spiritual fortress which is horizontal. Many League of Nations spiritual fortresses are horizontal. Although this kind of horizontal spirit fortress has another name: vertical character, from the accurate positioning that it is the core body of the identification guidance system and shows the key of the behavior subject of the new project, it is actually the same kind of logo commodity as the spiritual fortress. After people clearly recognize the precise positioning of the spiritual fortress, its style design scheme has a general orientation. At first, it is not limited to only use the column style to show, it can also be displayed in the horizontal style. Secondly, this is a member of the logo guide system, and its style should be consistent with the overall logo guide system. Finally, the key point is that the spiritual fortress has the key and correct guiding effect in the natural environment, its key influence in the identification and guidance system has decided that this is the focus of everyone's vision, which is very easy to attract everyone's attention. In the rational layout of engineering buildings and natural environment, the spiritual fortress has the effect of focusing on actual results. Therefore, its design scheme, modeling design and style immediately endanger the culture, art, style and quality of the overall new project.
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