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by:YEROO     2019-10-05
The city council said King William\'s bus shelters should not be allowed to look like a monopoly council hotel.
Starting at the end of January, three King William bus stops added red roofs with chimneys for two weeks as part of McDonald\'s \"Monopoly Millionaire\" promotion.
Compared with last week, chief executive Peter Smith said it was right for Cr Anne Moran to insist that ads must be confined to the end of the bus shelter.
The Commission initially stated that Adshel, an advertising agency, has exclusive rights to display ads in shelters, as long as they are not political, religious, pornographic or potentially offensive.
In a letter to this week, Mr. Smith wrote that \"further examination\" of its agreement with Adshel found that advertising should be limited to \"light boxes\" for each shelter \".
\"The agreement prohibits advertising companies from changing shelters without prior written consent (the)
\"Parliament,\" he wrote.
\"There is no request in this case.
\"If it happens ,(the)
The council will not support it.
Mr. Smith wrote that Adshel is generally \"very reliable\" in terms of compliance with the agreement \".
\"We will, however, join them in raising this oversight, and council officials will be more vigilant in monitoring shelters to eliminate the risk of future issues.
An email from council staff to elected members stated that a meeting with Adshel would be sought to \"reaffirm the terms of the contract\" and inform them that McDonald\'s events were \"unacceptable \".
\"We will inform Adshel that any future violations can lead us to seek punishment,\" the email said . \".
Cr Moran received four complaints from residents who said it was inappropriate for the renovated bus shelters to be adjacent to tourist raffle cards such as the Capitol and festival center.
Most of the 76 people who responded to the adledenno incident last week liked the promotion.
The company is seeking comments from Adshel.
Last week, Ed Prun, marketing director at Adshel, said the company had no plans to carry out similar activities in the CBD.
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