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Advantages of choosing solar power for bus shelter


Traditional bus stations usually use municipal power supply. Municipal power supply has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that some shelters are inconvenient or costly to connect to electricity. However, choosing solar power will not have these problems. Solar power supply is environmentally friendly and has low cost, and YEROOGROUP's application of solar power technology in bus stations is also becoming more mature.

The bus shelter uses reliable solar energy to power LED lighting and light boxes. Solar energy is a fashionable, practical and environmentally friendly energy source. YEROOGROUP transforms conventional solar bus shelters into solar bus shelters or provides solar bus shelters.


Solution for upgrading and transformation of solar bus shelter

Ⅰ. Ceiling (addition of solar panels).

Ⅱ. Light box (LED light source can be used as the light source, solar powered; scrolling system is used for picture changing)

Ⅲ. Solar accessories: 1. Solar crystalline silicon panels. 2. Battery. 3. Controller

Advantages of using solar power for shelters:

Ⅰ. Solar energy is a safe and environmentally friendly energy source. Solar power is a safer power supply system. Through night lighting, the surrounding environment can be seen clearly, and the effect of advertising light boxes can be delayed.

Ⅱ. Solar bus shelters provide flexible lighting solutions without external power supply requirements.

Ⅲ. The performance of the solar bus shelter is reliable, and its rated ambient temperature is -22°F to +122°F (-30°C and +50°C)

Ⅳ. It is suitable for the energy-saving trend. Although very energy-saving EEFL lamps have been used in bus stations, the technology of bus stations is developing faster and faster. Its light source lighting equipment is developing towards low energy consumption and environmentally friendly light sources, and future lighting will consume electricity The amount will be very small.

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