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Advantages of outdoor billboards


Outdoor billboards are usually built on highways or urban trunk roads where people flow is concentrated, and on both sides of provincial and national highways. Because of its large-scale high-altitude characteristics, the advertisements are more eye-catching, have better continuity, and can attract more people's attention. If combined with multi-dimensional vision, multi-sensation, and color creativity, it is extremely shocking, making people feel immersive and impressive. At the same time, the anti-aircraft gun billboard has the characteristics of a one-time investment to benefit for life, and it can have property rights and use rights like houses, and can be sold and leased, so it is a better way to choose fixed investment.


The main features of outdoor billboards:

1. Outdoor billboards mainly refer to tall, eye-catching billboards erected on highways, including highways, urban highways, overpasses and other major road sections.

2. Usually outdoor billboards are divided into two sides and three sides, and there are also a few four-sided anti-aircraft guns.

3. The size of the outdoor billboard surface is generally a 3 to 1 ratio, such as conventional width 6 meters, length 18 meters, height 18 meters; width 7 meters, length 21 meters, height 21 meters; width 8 meters, length 24 meters And a height of 24 meters. Some also adjust the height of the column appropriately according to the height of the road surface.

4. Outdoor billboards are generally steel frame structure, the frame is made of angle iron, and now there are a few grid frame structures. Its shape is to install a rectangular or triangular card face on a post, and galvanized iron sheet or color steel plate on the card face seal.

5. Outdoor billboards will make pictures or text on the board, so that many people can see, to achieve the effect of advertising.

Outdoor billboards are the main outdoor advertising equipment. As a 20-year manufacturer, Yilong has passed strict production control to ensure its safety and life cycle. Welcome to consult and understand.

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