advertising at bus shelters: one person\'s blight is another\'s cover

by:YEROO     2019-10-18
JoAnn Burrows, assistant manager, Lake Forest Community Assn.
I think this is a simple question.
At a recent hearing, she said the advertising bus shelters were \"a major scourge in our community \".
But Orange County Planning Commissioner
Douglas Leavenworth has a very different view of it.
Allowing advertising is a \"practical American way\" to provide free benches and shelters for bus passengers.
The thorny issue of advertising on bus benches and shelters returned to the planning committee on Tuesday to make a decision on a series of proposals and submit them to the Board of Supervisors.
There are growing complaints about advertising, which some see as a thorn in the eye, prompting regulators to demand a study last year.
Now, new regulations have been put in place by the county environmental management agencies, but they have been attacked by both sides.
\"The community says the proposed regulations are too free and the bus stop industry says they are too strict,\" said EMA senior planner Frank McGill . \".
Shelter\'s fee advertisement the benches and shelters that appear are privately paid for installation, the County charges $70 per Shelter per year, and if there is an advertisement on the Shelter, an additional $50.
However, the testimony at the planning commission hearing on January. 20 and Feb.
10 shows that, at least for the past four years, the county has allowed the installation of bus shelters with advertisements even in communities prohibited by zoning regulations.
EMA staff now recommend that the planning committee approve and send new rules to the Board of Supervisors, allowing officials to ban shelters and benches for advertising in communities banned by the zoning in the future.
But the new regulations allow existing benches and shelters to stay for at least two years, even if they violate the zoning regulations ---
The premise is that the bus route remains unchanged.
According to the proposed rule, 30 passengers per day in a community that allows but regulates \"furniture\", shelters can only be installed at stops of at least 30 passengers per day, with the minimum spacing between shelters.
At a recent planning committee hearing, residents of some unincorporated areas complained that the shelters were not built to facilitate passengers, but were only built as advertised vehicles, they are erected in places where they are not needed at all.
In fact, opponents of the sanctuary say the less riders the better from an advertising point of view.
People sitting on a bench or standing in a shelter may block advertising messages.
The empty sanctuary can see the advertisement clearly.
But VerLyn Jensen, an attorney for Owen.
The California-based Bustop Shelters said the Shelters are not \"pirated billboards\" and are designed to show off ads even in areas without riders, but are designed to protect riders from these factors.
Steve RidershipAnd Steve Bjornson, head of transit at Orange County, said benches and shelters \"enhanced our passengers\" and improved service. \"I\'m pro-
Said Bjornson.
Complaints about benches, especially shelters for night lighting, came from various parts of the county, officials said, but a lot of criticism focused on the Forest Lake Avenue and El Toro Road.
Some residents complain about cigarettes and R-
But lawyers in the county said they could not review the ads.
Nearly half of the county\'s cities are allowed to advertise on shelters and benches, and five cities are allowed to advertise in one or another city, with a total of eight bar ads, the Environmental Management Agency said.
In the unincorporated areas of the county, controlled by the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors, 297 of the 714 bus stops are advertised on benches, shelters or both.
The maximum potential for conflict appears in six communities in the county\'s unincorporated areas, which specifically prohibit advertising on bus benches within their borders: laguna niggle, elilaurel and South Laguna.
But Leavenworth says he and his colleagues should not limit advertising as long as the planned communities have public streets and public transport.
\"This is a practical American way to get this furniture available to bus passengers in the public transport area,\" Leavenworth said . \".
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