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Advertising light box manufacturers: the advantages of solar scrolling light boxes


With the development of urban construction, outdoor scrolling light boxes have gradually increased and become part of the beautification of the city environment. Compared with other types of advertising light boxes with single functions, multi-functional design rolling light boxes have become the first choice for advertisers to promote. The specific advantages of outdoor rolling light boxes are Which ones? What material is used for the scrolling light box?

1. Wide range of applications

Nowadays, outdoor scrolling scrolling light boxes have been widely used in various main roads in urban areas, in commercial streets, squares, parks, communities, exhibition halls, film and television buildings and other living and entertainment places.

2. Rich and colorful display forms

At present, there are two main forms of outdoor scrolling scrolling light boxes, static display and rolling display. The scrolling display can be done independently by one unit, or multiple scrolling light boxes can be displayed simultaneously. According to different environments, choose different display methods.


3. Convenient daily adjustment and maintenance

The scrolling time of the outdoor scrolling scrolling light box, the scrolling interval time, the switching time, etc. can all be customized. Yulu Advertising Equipment Co., Ltd. uses high-quality materials to make scrolling light boxes, which are convenient for daily maintenance.

4. Adequate power supply to save resources

The outdoor scrolling scrolling light box is powered by city electricity and solar energy. When the electric energy is not satisfied, solar power is automatically activated, which saves part of the electric energy while ensuring normal operation.

The outer frame materials of rolling light boxes usually include aluminum profiles, stainless steel, cold plates, etc. Now rolling light box profiles are mostly used in rolling light box projects, such as subway light boxes are all light box profiles. The Tianlang logo scrolling light box can be equipped with LED electronic display, voice playback, electronic calendar, remote control, and multiple light boxes running at the same time. If you have any purchasing requirements, please consult us!


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