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Advertising light box manufacturers: the role of advertising trash cans


Advertising trash bins are already very important and necessary public facilities in modern cities. Many people may not understand this term. They do not understand whether the advertising trash bins are used for advertising or as trash bins. The masses throw rubbish. In fact, the advertising trash can is a way to provide us with advertising information and is also a trash can.

With the rapid development of today's society, information transmission and changes are becoming more rapid. These are the prerequisites for the existence and emergence of advertising dustbins. There is a market only when there is demand. In response to the market’s demand for information transmission and reception, advertising trash bins have emerged. At the same time, a lot of other outdoor advertising equipment has appeared to deliver more effective information to the people in need. As a means of information transmission, outdoor advertising has obvious advantages and features that Internet advertising and TV advertising do not have. The demand in society is increasing. And the advertising trash can is not satisfied with the status quo due to the increase in social demand, so manufacturers continue to develop the technology of advertising trash can, improve and innovate its appearance and craftsmanship, and finally develop into our current advertising trash can.


At present, there are many functions and benefits of the advertising trash can. Here is a brief introduction to the benefits of the advertising trash can.

1. In terms of design concept, in our fast-growing society, it not only saves the space of the entire city, but also achieves the role of advertising and transmitting information. From these two aspects, the advertising trash can is society. A huge innovation in development.

2. The advertising trash can also has a scrolling advertising light box. Its function is not only to convey all kinds of information through rolling advertisements, but also to classify trash. This kind of processing method and institutional approach is more than a separate advertising trash box. It is more unique. The new advertising trash can has an obvious environmental protection effect. The classified trash can also contributes greatly to the popularization of the concept of environmental protection, and saves a lot of time for the city’s garbage cleaners (recycling of available resources and disposal of non-recyclables) Can be done separately). The scrolling advertising light box can more attract the attention of people walking on the road, make people more impressive, and have a better publicity effect.

3. The advertising trash can with scrolling is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In terms of its overall material, it uses renewable energy and has a long service life. Most advertising bins have a service life of more than 10 years, and they can be reused later. Therefore, after new styles and new concepts are available in the future, the old advertising trash cans can also be recycled and reused to maximize the concept of environmental protection.

The role of advertising trash cans has the above points. The emergence of this product, while providing cities with trash cans, is also playing the role of advertising media, achieving a dual-purpose effect. The trash can light box is a kind of infrastructure as well as a publicity medium with advertising benefits. Yilong Advertising is a manufacturer that has focused on the production of light boxes for 20 years. We have many styles for customers to choose; we have a large production workshop , To support the mass production capacity; we have a professional plan to provide customers with suitable products.


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