alberta bus companies filling the greyhound void, but gaps in service remain

by:YEROO     2019-10-28
Private bus companies have expanded and the province has invested money to fill the bulk --but not all —
Last fall, Alberta left a service gap in Western Canada.
\"We are a big province.
The worst thing for a woman who leaves an abusive relationship is that she hitchhiking, \"said Remmer, executive director of the Alberta women\'s shelter Council, on January.
The Alberta provincial government said that more than the old bus network of greyhound is now covered by other companies, and the provincial grant will allow more lines to go online soon.
These operators include Red Arrows, cold guns, rider Express and North Express in the western Pacific, some of which are now vying for passengers in rural Alberta.
\"Very happy to see this ,(but)
\"It\'s a challenge for those communities that are not on the bus route,\" repulse said . \".
She said there is still an urgent need to address the traffic problems of the most vulnerable groups, including women trying to escape potential dangerous conditions in protected areas, where there is less likely to be bus routes.
Although there are women\'s shelters in the Peace River, it is still difficult to get there from more remote communities, says Retta.
For some private operators, it is too early to know if they will continue to expand.
\"It will take some time for those passengers who are used to being big (Greyhound)
The bus that brought them back.
We must work hard to prove that our bus is in good condition, safe and reliable condition. For now (passengers)
It\'s nice that they have a choice, \"said Firat Uray, owner of Rider Express.
The company expanded its routes, including services connecting Edmonton, Saskatoon and Vancouver.
The cold wave increased its passenger route from 4 to 8.
At the end of November, the company partnered with Saskatchewan to start offering a route from Edmonton to Saskatoon
Service based on KCTI.
Sunny Balwaria, president of cold shooting, said, \"it is expanding through word of mouth --
Situation better and better.
\"Both cold shots and rider Express enjoyed the excitement of the holiday.
\"People need to see their families and they need to travel during Christmas,\" Balwaria said . \" Balwaria also saw an increase in freight charges from the business community.
Many small communities that rely on Edmonton\'s passenger and freight services say they are satisfied with the services that private companies such as Red Arrow, cold gun and Northern Express have been able to provide since October.
\"The economy has been suffering, and the number of passengers is not always very large every day for the red arrow, but they insist on serving our region.
\"The company should get a lot of praise for doing so,\" Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland said in an email . \".
New entrants also stepped in quickly to fill the gap in passenger and freight services to the Grande Prairie area and Fort McMurray.
In some areas, such as the town of Peace River, the Red Arrow has provided services, but the cold gun has increased the competitive route.
\"So far, changes in bus companies seem to serve the community well ,(and)
The service of the two bus lines is good and stable, \"Peace River town spokesman autumn Hulm wrote in an email.
Under $2 in Alberta
The million rural transportation pilot project has received a copy of the Prairie County, Red Deer County, canross county, Linghe County and Yao hat County --
Time grants provided by the province to strengthen regional transit services.
In some cases, this involves partnerships between municipalities and private companies, such as Camrose and Red Arrow serving Edmonton.
When the Grande Prairie and Camrose got upand-
According to the government, the operation route, bus options will be operated for the Red Deer, the Ling river, the medical cap and the Lethbridge area at the end of the year or early 2019.
The provincial and federal governments also plan to invest up to $2 million a year over the next two years to solicit advice on reintroducing bus services to communities.
Details of cost-
The sharing agreement is still being finalized.
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