ambulance victoria paramedics on the mat for campaigning in uniform

by:YEROO     2019-08-19
Health care workers opposed to Napthine\'s government are facing disciplinary action, including a photo on the edge of Daniel andrews\'s campaign bus.
In a week from the election, the Victoria Ambulance manager has begun to question people who criticize the government\'s carers in union posters and leaflets, or who distribute materials in uniform.
A paramedic appeared on a poster attacking Prime Minister Dennis napassen for an \"ambulance crisis\" and he has issued a formal warning, with four more carers being asked to meet with him this week
It is reported that the Liberal candidates began filming the carers who opposed them during the campaign.
Health Minister David Davis said he was aware of \"cases in which some unionists intimidated and harassed free candidates \"--
Steve McGie, the claims secretary for the care workers union, said it was \"unfounded \".
Mr. McGhie said that two caregivers of the Victoria Ambulance as the subject of disciplinary action had recently distributed union leaflets at the desedale market;
Some people took pictures of the banner \"Cherish Our Ambos\" during the campaign of the Ballarat Liberal Party;
Daniel Andrew also had a fireman and a nurse on the campaign bus.
They were all in uniform when the alleged misconduct occurred.
Some leaflets urged people to give priority to the Liberal Party when voting.
Nursing staff Louise crisey, who has issued a formal warning, appeared on posters and flyers in her uniform, with the words \"1 out of 4 ambulances will not arrive in time \".
The poster that appeared at the bus shelter also wrote: \"support our carers, vote to end the ambulance crisis\" and guide people to visit the website of the Council of Victoria Trade Hall, which supports the Labor Party.
Mr McGhie accused the Victoria Ambulance of \"a plan of intimidation to stop caregivers from speaking loudly\" before next week\'s election and said they had the right to wear under the uniform in this case, protected industrial actions raise their wages and conditions.
He said that in last year\'s business negotiations with the Victoria Ambulance, the Fair Work Committee issued an order allowing caregivers to wear uniforms in public activities and videos, unlimited duration of blogs and other social media \".
\"This is the Victoria Ambulance, doing the dirty work of your government,\" he said . \".
Mr. McGhie asked AV to withdraw the warning against MS Creasey and to waive disciplinary action against other caregivers.
But Greg sathera, CEO of Victoria Ambulance, said AV is a \"non-political public sector organization\" and wearing uniforms for such activities is not protected by industrial action.
\"While we recognize that caregivers have the right to carry out activities as part of ongoing negotiations on enterprise agreements, he said:\" Under the public sector code of conduct, they are required to \'act in a non-political\' manner \', does not have the right to wear a uniform beyond normal duties without approval. \".
Mr. Sassella said that due to the increase in national security alerts, Victoria Police recently advised all emergency service personnel not to wear uniforms except on duty.
\"We have written to the union to inform our employees of our position and to take action in violation of the policy.
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