amy winehouse in russia billionaire gig

by:YEROO     2019-08-17
MOSCOW (Reuters)-
Organizers say troubled British singer Amy Whitehouse will play at the grand opening ceremony of the art gallery run by Russian billionaire Abu\'s girlfriend Daria giukova on Thursday.
Dozens of workers polish glasses, move chairs and apply paint on a concrete wall at an old bus shelter that will become an art gallery right outside the city center.
One end of the stage is empty, with a golden capital letter printed on the background \"Amy Winehouse \".
\"Amy has confirmed that she will have an exclusive show at the Moscow gallery of contemporary art and culture next week,\" the singer said in a recent statement on her website.
Winehouse won the prize for her music, but her colorful private life often eclipsed her music achievements.
Social celebrities and former model jukewa will hold a party for 300 guests
Including celebrities and artists
At the entrance of the gallery, called the garage.
Zhu Kewa plans to hold an exhibition in the building, twice the size of the football field.
She also plans to install a library and a coffee shop.
Last weekend, Abu moored a $0. 3 billion yacht in the center of St. Petersburg, Russia\'s second-largest city, where he attended an economic forum.
Abu also began to have an interest in modern art.
According to a professional art newspaper, earlier this year, he spent $33 million on a painting by British artist Lucian Freud.
Abu has not confirmed that he is a buyer.
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