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by:YEROO     2019-10-25
A tragic photo of a drowned toddler and her father along the Rio Grande River shows the risks immigrants are willing to takeS.
Although President Donald Trump\'s administration\'s increasingly tough policies are designed to stop them.
For many people trying to get into the country, this is a question of waiting, waiting and waiting for more OK --
Unless they try to forcibly resolve the problem and cross the border, it is a dangerous and sometimes fatal task, including hiking through the hot desert and crossing the seemingly tricky Rio Grande River.
Here is an example of how immigrants try to reach the United StatesS.
What have they met: Thousands of people have reached the border in recent months, many of whom are families fleeing violence and poverty in Central America.
Once they reach the border, they can go a different way to try to get into the United States. S.
One way is to show yourself at the official crossing point (also known as the port of entry) and request asylum.
This marks the beginning of a legal process that is usually up to a year, in which they must prove
The fear of persecution was established in their home country.
But the Trump administration has implemented the border.
Broad policy to limit the number of asylum applications accepted daily at border crossings.
It is called \"metering\" and has produced long queues when people wait for a few months of medicationand violence-
Mexico is full of complaints about their chances of asylum.
For example, at the border crossing near San Diego, about 80 people are processed every day.
In some other cities, days have passed without anyone being allowed to apply. Various U. S.
Cities along the border have their own waiting lists.
A recent estimate shows that the total number of people waiting is 18,000.
Waiting for the list is not the only way the Trump administration keeps immigrants in Mexico.
According to a policy announced in December, many immigrants who apply for asylum must wait in Mexico, and their case will pass through the United States. S.
Immigration Court
This policy applies mainly to Central American countries.
Before that, many asylum seekers were allowed to enter the United States. S.
When their case goes through the system, they are either detained or released to the country, and the process can take months or years and make some immigrants disappear in the United States.
Thanks to President Donald Trump\'s new policy, more than 14,000 asylum applicants are waiting in Mexico for a ruling on the case.
But many people are frustrated by the long wait and are not even willing to queue up.
So they took a different approach: they crossed the border.
Secret or open
Outside the official crossing, surrender to Border Patrol personnel and then detain them in the United StatesS. side.
In the case of two Salvadoran immigrants who died in the photo, Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramírez and daughter Valeria, according to news reports, after waiting in Mexico for two months for asylum, the girl\'s parents decided to cross the Rio Grande River.
The girl\'s mother was not injured.
When migrants who walk or secretly cross the border are arrested, Border Patrol personnel take them to the processing facilities, including health checks and criminal background checks.
As a result of the surge in immigration, the Border Patrol had to open several temporary facilities to hold and handle immigration.
Government inspectors and lawyers reported that the places were very crowded.
A recent inspector general report on the El Paso Processing Center in Texas found that as many as 900 people crowded into a space of less than £ 200.
Some people stood in the toilet and many said they had been there for weeks.
Immigration refers to the Border Patrol station, usually the first place where immigrants are held because they are very cold, so they are called \"hieleras\" or the refrigerator, known as \"perreras\" \"because of the fence, or a dog cage.
Those detained by Border Patrol should be released within 72 hours, but they have been held for a long time.
What about the children?
For children who come to the United States, there are two types of governmentS.
They are treated differently: unaccompanied minors
That is to say, children without adults --
And young people who come to the border with their parents.
Children who come with relatives but are not parents are usually separated from that adult and are considered unaccompanied minors.
Unaccompanied children should be transferred to the United States. S.
The Department of Health and Human Services contracts with various companies and non-profit organizations to provide shelters for young people before caseworkers find suitable relatives or parents in the United StatesS.
Release them.
But more and more unaccompanied minors
There are about 11,500 people in May alone.
The agency said it had exhausted HHS resources and was unable to accommodate children as quickly as usual.
This means that in Border Patrol detention facilities, young people have been languishing for weeks.
Since December, five children have died after being taken away by the Border Patrol.
Lawyers who interviewed children at the border patrol station in Clint, Texas, described that they found hungry, sick and unwashed young people.
As for families with children, they are usually supervised by the government together as families for a few weeks and then live freely in the United States. S.
The decision to wait for their asylum request.
They are often released to shelters or non-profit organizations in border cities;
Sometimes they get off at the bus stop and are forced to take care of themselves.
Church groups and other organizations have stepped in to help some of them.
In Phoenix, for example, rescuers appear at the bus station to help arrange bus tickets or take migrants to the shelter.
After their release from the government, many families were free in the United States. S.
Live with relatives and friends.
They were asked to let Immigration and Customs Enforcement know which city they were going to be in and their immigration case would be handed over to the nearest court.
These families are expected to appear at the hearing date.
The data shows that most of them have done so, but there is a lot of backlog in the court system and it may take years for immigration asylum cases to be resolved.
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