archdiocese hits metro ads about condoms

by:YEROO     2019-08-25
Washington\'s general parish condemned an advertising campaign \"false and misleading\" inside the subway train and bus shelters, which posted posters criticizing Roman Catholic teaching against the use of condoms.
Advertisements posted at 50 bus stops in the area included statements such as \"because bishops ban condoms, innocent deaths\" and \"Catholic Concern. Do our bishops?
\"Similar ads were broadcast in 134 subways.
They are part of an international campaign by Catholics for free choice, Washington-
Religious advocacy organizations.
The campaign was launched in December.
Francis kisslin, president of the organization, said 1. World AIDS Day, promoting the distribution of condoms by sexually active adolescents and adults as a means to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS
Starting this month, the group will advertise in Belgium, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico and other countries.
In the local area, it extended the bus shelters advertising that began in November.
28. by January. 28;
Subway ads began in December.
After the contract expires, it will come down next week.
Similar ads appeared in November.
30 Washington Post
Parish officials say metro companies should not advertise because the ads contain false information.
Catholic bishops oppose the use of condoms because they hinder \"full openness to life and unity [1\"married]
Susan Gibbs, the parish spokeswoman, said.
But, Gibbs said, \"In fact, the bishop has no power to\" ban \"condoms.
She added that the advertisement \"accused the bishop of killing, and in fact the Bishop advocated the only way of life to prevent HIV/AIDS: an abstinence lifestyle outside of a one-husband, one-wife marriage.
Metro spokesman Ray Feldmann said that after reviewing the advertisements, the legal office of the transportation authority \"basically determined that people may not agree with the bishop\'s content and description \", but there is no \"obscenity, pornography, lewdness or offense\" to stop them from running away.
\"It boils down to a First Amendment issue for us,\" Feldmann said . \".
\"We just provide the group, literally and in the image, with a tool to express their views.
Those who oppose this view \"have the same rights\" to advertise, he said.
\"We are not the referees who make sure these ads are 100% accurate,\" he added . \".
Gibbs said the parish was involved after receiving \"dozens of complaints\" from parish residents who saw the advertisement.
It did not ask the Metro to remove the ads, but it issued a \"propaganda alert\" urging parish residents to contact subway officials and politicians who had an impact on transportation financing.
The subway has received \"about 25 e-
\"People oppose emails or phone calls for these ads,\" Feldmann said . \" He noted that the transportation authority controls the advertising of buses, trains and subway stations, but does not control the advertising of bus stations.
This responsibility falls to the regional department of the United States. S.
Alex Ekman, director of the Transportation Department and Public Transport Office, said.
Eckmann said he had received complaints from a caller who believed the ads were \"bad for Catholics \".
\"We must be sensitive to prejudice and [the freedom]
Eckmann said he told the caller.
The department will not approve \"blatant untrue or false\" advertising, he said.
Neither can it be deceptive, obscene or contrary to D, he said. C.
Consumer Protection Law.
Eckmann said that the advertisements submitted by Catholics for free choice belong to the department\'s guidelines.
Feldmann says ads running on subway trains cost $13,000 a month for display, similar to other ads accepted by metro companies that show political, philosophical or religious positions
In last January, Metro advertised an organization that promoted the legalization of marijuana.
He said the campaign has caused more complaints.
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