arlington board agrees to plan for new bus shelters along columbia pike

by:YEROO     2019-09-13
After years of debate over how to improve transit transport in Columbia Pike, Arlington County Council agreed on Tuesday night to continue designing and building 23 new stations along Virginia\'s busiest bus route.
Bus stations are expected to be similar to the infamous $1 million Pike bus station near Walter Reed Avenue, but the roof will become flat and the windscreen will be higher to keep passengers waiting for the bus away from rain and snow.
Most importantly, the cost of shelters and platforms will be about half the cost of the first shelter.
County shelter manager Mark Schwartz, recommended that the \"toolbox parts\" authorized by the Council be of high quality
The quality materials provide the most durable choice with the least maintenance.
This is the same basic advice he gave to the board later in May, but board members then asked county staff to investigate options with lower costs such as pre-
The best option is to build a shelter.
The use of prefabricated shelters will reduce initial costs, but they are more prone to damage and have a shorter life span, requiring multiple shelters at each station, occupying more space on crowded sidewalks, officials said.
50 expected by the Shelvers-
A year\'s life, the cost of prefabricated stations will be almost the same as the factory
County transportation officials said the assembly kit.
The board had previously authorized $13.
3 million, but allowing shelters to be assembled at the factory will reduce the cost to $11.
5 million, said Dennis Litch, county transport chief.
He said that giving contractors design and performance specifications gives contractors more freedom in how to achieve these goals can save more money.
The county will retain supervision over the project. “This is a no-
Obviously, what is practical, what we need to do, \"member Christian Dorsey (D).
The first Columbia Pike transit station originally known as the \"Super Station\" was designed to serve modern buses and trams.
But in March 2013, when the $1 million price tag was well known, Arlington\'s project became the subject of international ridicule.
County officials promised in the second year that they would cut the follow-up costs by 40%, but it was too late;
A political Riot has already started, and the long term has been abandoned at the end.
The tram project planned in November 2014.
Residents of Pike, Colombia have been waiting for the board to honor its commitment to improve public transport along the road since then.
Litch told the board that the county has spent $50 million to put utilities underground, rebuild parts of Pike, Colombia, and will spend another $100 million when all work is completed.
The county has a complex transportation plan that will be limited
Stop every 6 minutes for a Metro bus, local art bus route, and a \"connector\" Metro bus, along the 5 mile route from the Fairfax County skyline community to the Pentagon, parking every stop
If the project is invested at $11, the cost of 23 new crossings may be $500,000 on average. 5 million.
Approximately 65% of the costs will be paid by state and federal grants.
The rest of the money comes from the local commercial real estate tax.
The cost of each stop is about 90-to 100-foot-
The platform is very long.
Level utility connection is required.
Sites with an average of 1,200 feet metres apart will be in one quarter-
Most residents of the Columbia Pike community are only a mile away.
It will take several years for any new stop to appear.
Officials said that before construction began in the spring of 2018, design specifications need to be written and bids made.
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