asa upholds complaint against santa offering coca-cola to kids

by:YEROO     2019-09-29
Bureau of Advertising Standards (ASA)
Complaints Committee maintains complaints about advertising Coca
Children and young people drink Coke.
Complainant Michael Hale, acting together on behalf of healthy Auckland, made a formal complaint about Coca-Cola\'s sponsorship, \"It feels good to give.
\"ASA code states that occasional sponsored advertising for food or beverage products (
Such as sugary drinks)
Children may not be targeted or placed in any media where children may account for a large proportion of the expected average audience.
The ad appeared at a bus shelter near the intersection of Auckland\'s Kohimarama Rd, showing a vintage Santa sitting in a car with two bottles of Coca
Coke, a label without sugar, made a sign of peace with the other hand and said, \"it feels good to give \".
The bottom of the ad includes Youthline and Coca-
The trademark of Coca-Cola said: \"Join us and contribute to young people.
TXT \'yl\' to $3 for 5144 \".
The complainant argues that the poster is a sponsored advertisement for a young audience because it is placed at a bus stop opposite the local store and many children and young people stop on their way to and from school. Coca-
Coke said that advertising is not a sponsored advertisement. the motel advertised is 550 from St. Thomas Primary School and 290 from Selwin College.
The company also said the ad was aimed at attracting families rather than children.
Most people on the ASA board found this to be a sponsored ad and it does have a lot of appeal for children.
The board said that while the advertising was affected by the distance from the bus station at St. Thomas Primary School, it is still highly likely that young audiences will see the advertising.
Although a small number of board members did not agree with this assessment, most of the ruling meant that the ad was subject to the code for advertising for children and young people, which prohibits the occasional display of beverage products in sponsored advertising.
The ad was found to have violated this rule and was subsequently deleted.
Hale welcomed the decision of ABC.
\"Although it looks like a self
Regulation plays a role in this situation and there are no sanctions against the company, \"Hale said.
\"Manufacturers and advertisers of unhealthy foods need to pay attention.
The code is designed to protect children and young people from attacks.
The children did not understand that they were being sold.
Parents do understand that ubiquitous advertising for children normalizes unhealthy food and drinks and encourages entanglement.
\"As part of the former government\'s childhood obesity program, the ASA\'s children\'s code was reviewed in 2016 to reduce the harm to children and young people from the promotion of unhealthy foods and beverages.
This is the second complaint filed by healthy Auckland under the ASA\'s new children\'s code and the first complaint sustained.
Last year, the Alliance complained to ABC (ASA) that the Pepsi Max campaign used cute all-black emojis to encourage children to collect carbonated beverage cans.
When the fruit took the initiative to win the advertisement, the complaint was resolved.
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