best to induct volvo buses in fleet on monday

by:YEROO     2019-08-17
There will be two buses between Oshiwara and Backbay depot, and 48 will soon increase.
More than two months after a proposal to acquire 50 airlines was approved
Conditional Volvo buses and guarantee the introduction of them in their fleet, Brihanmumbai power supply and transport enterprises (BEST)
Finally, two games on Monday.
The best commitment is the grand ceremony attended by the Mayor of Mumbai Shraddha Jadhav and Commissioner MCGM Swadheen Kshatriya.
NA walathinar, the best official spokesman, said that once buses are officially put into use, they will be laid between Oshiwara and Backbay depot at a frequency of 30 minutes.
The remaining 48 will gradually join BEST\'s fleet.
Sanjay Potnis, chairman of the best Committee, explained the reasons for the delay.
\"We only ordered the purchase of buses after the committee approved the proposal.
Since we customized the bus
It took them some time to get into the fleet in order to achieve the best results.
\"The best Committee has approved the government\'s proposal to introduce 50 new airlines --
At a meeting, the air-conditioned bus in the Volvo fleetSeptember.
According to the proposal, monthly Volvo was added to the promised effective fleet of 4685 Grade 1of-it’s-kind PPP (Public-Private-Partnership)
The best is the Asian concierge.
Under the terms of PPP, all 50 buses will be leased for 10 years free of charge in return for the company\'s 3-year advertising rights in and out of buses and across the city\'s 150 bus shelters.
Maintenance costs for the first three years will also be borne by private companies.
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