bjp reaches out through hindi to people, irks local leaders

by:YEROO     2019-09-08
Opposite a private hospital on Avarampalayam Road, Prime Minister Narendra Modi looked at passers-by from an advertisement at the bus shelter, and the message he wanted to convey was Hindi.
There is also a picture of the girl on the ad with a glowing light bulb, which says the country is getting better and growing faster.
The report also said that after 68 years of independence, 18,452 villages were still in darkness.
No power connection).
All of these villages will have access to electricity connections within 1,000 days, and so far the electricity supply has reached 7,700.
But many passers-by don\'t stop and take a look at it, and don\'t care about reading as much as Hindi does.
One commuter, who declined to be named, said it meant little to people like him who only knew the information was Hindi.
On Tuesday, the janatiya Janata Party held a project for its workers in Coimbatore to explain the central government\'s achievements over the past two years.
Prakash Javadekar, EU Minister of State for Environment, Forests and Climate Change, delivered a speech, which was translated by a local leader.
But the party did not take any action to convey the message of the video clips it played.
The audience was distracted and the leaders were upset because they got the message.
A senior state leader of the party said she had conveyed this message to the party headquarters and trade union ministers in New Delhi, that is, the message to the people of Tamil Nadu should be Tamil because Tamil Nadu is a \"language-sensitive country \".
Not long ago, when there was a similar problem with the central government\'s advertising, the country\'s leaders got in touch with Mr. Obama.
Javadekar was then responsible for Information and Broadcasting, translating print ads in Tamil and dubbing TV commercials.
The leader said that for party advertising in Hindi, in addition to government propaganda materials, they can contact the leader at any time to correct the problem, which is difficult because of bureaucracy.
Precious time is lost before feedback is translated into action.
The leader pointed out that the Swachh Bharat propaganda message is an example. G. K.
Nagaraj of Kongunadu Jananayaka Katchi, an ally of the BJP, said advertising in Hindi would alienate rural voters and insist that the opposition beat BJP.
Another leader of the BJP said that Hindi advertising is negative propaganda and is not desirable in Tamil Nadu.
The leaders said they had contacted party leaders and ministers to replace Hindi with Tamil in all advertisements, and that was the case at the earliest.
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