brainless vandal filmed smashing a bus stop glass window by charging at it head first is branded a \'t*** wasting taxpayers\' money\'

by:YEROO     2019-10-25
Just then, a teenage child broke the glass panel of the bus stop with his head. The 10-second-
The video shows the young man in a gray jogger and black jacket jogging on the streets of Aberdeen Bay.
When he drove past, his friend patted him down and he first drove himself into the glass panel of the bus stop.
He lay on the broken glass, then pulled himself back and picked up his dropped phone and wallet.
One can hear the male voice of a man who is considered to be filming a clip, laughing hysterically in a prank.
The video was shared on Snapchat with the title \"ogggg\" and five laughing emojis.
The news was shared on social media last night, attracting more than 18,000 views and hundreds of comments.
Since the video was broadcast, angry Scots have attacked the young people for wasting taxpayers\' money.
\"What\'s the matter, so the taxpayers of the Commission can only pick up the bills instead,\" said Michael Moverley ? \"?
Margaret Douglas wrote: \"He will not hurt his head.
He\'s obviously useless anyway.
An imprudent idiot.
\"It\'s a waste of taxpayers\' money. Little f***wit.
Speaking of his sportswear, Richard Smith wrote: \"wear the usual d * head uniform.
Only two months ago, the video showed a young man falling down at a bus stop in West Lothian Blackburn in the early hours of the morning.
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