brainstorming bus shelter designs with slot building cards

by:YEROO     2019-11-25
The students worked together to build a physical brainstorming model of the bus shelter using a blank index card and convert it into a slot card.
The slot shelter model building workshop class invites elementary school students to envision the multi-purpose bus shelter using simple materials.
The project introduces shelter designs that collaborate on brainstorming and exploring solutions to local community and environmental needs.
The students used the Coin card to build a prototype of the bus shelter.
While making these card models, the students cut the index card and worked together in a team.
How students write their buildings
Structure that meets the needs of the community.
This is a hand.
In Google SketchUp, prepare the volume rendering course for students in practice.
Collecting materials: scissors, pencils, tape, connecting cards printed on the card inventory (see pdf)
The cardboard is cut into a rectangular or blank white index card.
Preparation: bundle 6 index cards for each student.
Cut the slot into one card on each stack.
Students will use the first card as a guide to cut the rest of the slots on other cards.
In addition, a small silhouette character is created to indicate the scale of the model.
The students cut the connection card and discussed other community needs that the bus shelters can address.
When students explore how various connector shapes create different angles and supports, they begin to assemble the structure in the form of a team.
Students write a co-op statement explaining how their bus shelters are designed to meet the needs of the community or the environment.
These statements are written on the index card and placed in front of the attached model.
The students walked around the room to see other designs.
The teacher takes photos of the student\'s design and presentation, shares them with picasa photo album or flickr, and shares them with the slot Sanctuary website.
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