brazilian president jair bolsonaro shocks world by tweeting a video showing one man urinating on another

by:YEROO     2019-09-17
\"What is a golden shower\" The day after Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro posted the video on Wednesday, in which a party with little clothes on it --
Goer twisted his body on the bus shelter, played in the back, and then bent over before another person urinated on his head.
Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro posted a video on Twitter showing a man urinating at Brazil\'s annual street carnival, sparking shock and anger.
\"What is the golden shower\" Bolsonaro, the day after the video was released on Wednesday, in the video, a party with almost no clothes to wear --
Goer twisted his body on the bus shelter, played in the back, and then bent over before another person urinated on his head.
\"I don\'t think this is comfortable,. . .
This is how many street parties in the Brazilian Carnival have turned out, \"Bolsonaro tweeted the video, which local media said was shot at a street party in Sao Paulo.
Bolsonaro, a former Army captain, was elected a right-wing leader in 2018.
After years of controversy over homophobic, women-averse and racist rhetoric, the left government.
Whether he will face consequences in these positions remains to be seen.
Paul Teixeira, a member of the left wing, said on Twitter that he would ask prosecutors to investigate whether bossonaro violated privacy laws.
Twitter said in a statement that any violation of its content rules \"requires appropriate measures\" but declined to say whether the Post constitutes a violation.
Critics say Bolsonaro\'s tweets show that he is more focused on angering his progressive critics than reaching a consensus in Congress on the necessary reforms, such as reforming the national budget --
Undermining the pension system
In a statement, the Brazilian president defended Bolsonaro\'s release of a video that said the country was shocked.
\"Instead of criticizing the carnival in a general way, it clearly misrepresents the spirit of the carnival,\" it said . \".
Brazil\'s most famous carnival celebration took place in Rio, where Bolsonaro served as a federal MP for nearly 30 years.
This year\'s carnival has become increasingly political after Bolsonaro\'s election and 2018 murder of Rio\'s female MP Marielle Franco, a gay and black rights activist whose murder remains unresolved.
On Wednesday, the mangira samba school in Rio was declared the winner of the carnival annual competition, which put Franco\'s commemoration at the forefront of the parade to ensure that her legacy can continue, and increase the political atmosphere. (
Supplementary reports by Gabriel Alerigi, Lais Martins and Eduardo Simoes, edited by Howard Golle and Leslie Adler)
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