bright idea: transit windsor installing solar-powered bus shelters

by:YEROO     2019-10-16
Transit Windsor passengers waiting for the bus will soon be able to charge their phones at some stations in the city.
Solar energy is being purchased by transport-
According to executive director PatDelmore, the electric bus shelters will provide better lighting at night, some of which will include additional bonuses.
We will even include
Using solar energy-
\"Some USB ports can charge the acellphone,\" he said . \" The sites will be located near the university and the city center, he added.
Most of the existing shelters will be replaced and the number of shelters around the city will increase by about 50, Delmore added.
The price of the project is about $1 million, but the director said the project will be paid mainly by federal grants.
\"The sanctuary will have a new look for them.
In addition to having solar panels to properly illuminate the shelter, they will also have curved roofs, \"Delmore said.
\"We are very excited about this.
This is a great new facility for our riders.
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