broadcaster silent as \"judgment day\" hours tick by

by:YEROO     2019-08-17
There is no sign of the arrival of the trial day as he predicted, 89-year-
The California gospel broadcaster and former civil engineers behind the statement appeared to remain silent on Saturday.
Christian radio network Home Radio, led by Harold Kemp, has spread his message of the coming end of the world and is playing church music, prayers and life advice unrelated to revelation.
Before camping, the prophecy of Jesus Christ returning to Earth in 1994 failed.
In his latest statement, he said the end of the world will begin in Asia, but with midnight local time, Tokyo, Beijing and those cities have come and gone in the early hours of May 22, there are no signs of revelation.
Oakland, California, headquarters of network of 66S.
The station was closed and there was a sign on the door saying, \"This office is closed.
I\'m sorry we missed you!
\"With the help of supporters, Family Radio officials posted more than 2,000 billboards across the country warning of the trial day on May 21.
It seems that the normally closed headquarters on Saturday is also closed on Friday.
Unable to reach Camping on Saturday, his low, loud voice is often heard on his radio network, which sets out the Bible.
The curtains were pulled up and no one opened in the house in Alameda, California.
Sheila Dorn, 65, who has been living next door to camping since 1971, said he is a good neighbor and she is worried about Camping and his wife because his statement is being watched.
\"I\'m worried about them, someone might do something stupid, and you just don\'t know what\'s going to happen in this world,\" she said . \".
Atheists across the country are planning celebrations.
A party to commemorate the failure of the camping forecast in May 21.
In the city of Auckland where the camping network is located, more than 200 people gather at a lodge in the Masonic church to attend the atheist convention, and the speaker notes jokingly the statement of the Judgment Day.
\"It\'s a bit crazy, but there\'s actually a dark side, too,\" says Stuart Beckman, national affiliate director of a group called \"American atheists.
\"There are a lot of stupid or even unfounded beliefs in religious groups that can do harm,\" he said . \".
Camp spokesman Tom Evans said earlier this week that at least tens of thousands of people were listening to family radio messages.
According to Home Radio, the network is listening in more than 30 languages through international affiliates.
In New York, at least one of the followers of the camp continues to hope that the trial day will come.
Robert Fitzpatrick, a 60-year-old retired metropolitan transport administration staff member, said he spent more than $140,000 on subway posters and bus shelters advertising, warning of the trial day on May 21.
\"God\'s people were ordered to warn, blow the trumpet, and let people know,\" Fitzpatrick said of his advertising Lightning War . \".
Camping convinced him that the trial day would be May 21, he said, but added that he did not agree with the forecast that broadcasters would start in Asia.
In Fitzpatrick\'s view, from his reading of the Bible, the trial day will begin at around 6 p. m. Eastern Time.
On Saturday, he said, there is still no doubt that the day will come.
\"I won\'t even consider this because there is so much evidence in the Bible,\" he said . \".
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