building a niche in bus shelters : advertising: a 6-by-4-foot panel can rent for $500 to $600 per month, more in a choice location. the ads reach consumers in areas where outdoor advertising is banned.

by:YEROO     2019-11-22
Jean Claude LeRoyer, president of the largest bus shelter company in Southern California, knows about manufacturing and advertising.
He also had some knowledge of the censorship system.
After some recent complaints, LeRoyer decided to unplug a series of bus shelters for several Orange County city rock music radio stations.
The advertisement depicts a \"bright spot\" in a raincoat facing an old woman.
\"Our situation is awkward,\" said LeRoyer, who is in charge of the Bustop shelter in California.
\"We have $20 million bus shelters on the street and we don\'t want to put it at risk because of an ad.
\"The canceled ads cost his company $40,000, but LeRoyer said it was a small price to make sure his company kept a good image. Irvine-
Bustop and its two main competitors-
Target Media for Anaheim and Gannett transit, Los Angeles-
Strive for a contract in the Southern California transportation area to install a bus shelter on the main route. \"It\'s a win-
\"Win,\" says Bruce K . \"
Seidel, general manager, Target Media.
\"It turns out that bus shelters can promote rapid transportation.
The sanctuary is very conspicuous.
\"Bus shelters suppliers benefit from the revenue of companies that advertise at the shelters.
Not only can these cities build shelters for taxpayers for free, they can also get
Time payment sometimes referred to as a \"signature fee\" plus a housing fee of $75 to $150 per month.
Bus passengers find a cool and dry place in the urban wilderness.
Like other industries in the advertising industry, shelter companies have also been hit by the recession.
Executives said the company\'s business fell 5% to 10% in the past year.
Nevertheless, the companies say they have made progress in convincing the company of the effectiveness of the marketing of bus shelters.
If nothing else, shelters can reach consumers in areas where other outdoor advertising is not allowed.
In cities in Orange County and elsewhere in the South, strict zoning laws have greatly reduced the number of billboards.
\"If advertisers want to cover Los Angeles and Orange County, traditional billboards can\'t do it,\" Seidel said . \".
\"You can do it in the bus shelter.
\"They will cover it.
Founded in 1984, Bustop now has 2,000 shelters in southern Southern California and Nevada, about the sixth in Orange County.
Target Media, which has been operating since 1975, has 350 shelters, mainly in Orange County.
A Department of Gannett transportation.
The company\'s outdoor advertising brand acquired Shelter Media three years ago to enter the bus shelters market in Southern California.
It currently has 1,500 shelters in Los Angeles, San Diego and Riverside counties.
Bus shelters have been popular in Europe for many years.
But while bus benches have been around for a long time, the concept of bus shelters was only popular in the United States until 1970 and 1980 years old.
LeRoyer, a Frenchman, saw the Paris sanctuary becoming more and more popular, working at the sanctuary company in New York and Chicago before coming to Newport Beach and setting up Bustop.
It was hard at first.
\"Advertising companies are very conservative. they work with the media ---
Television, radio, newspapers, \"he said.
Gradually, the advertising of bus shelters began to be respected by people.
Both LeRoyer and Target Media\'s Seidel believe that Gannett is part of China\'s largest Media company, helping to enhance the image of the industry.
\"When Gannett entered the industry, it gave it an Approved Seal,\" said Seidel.
Executives at the three companies said the competition was fierce.
Gannett Transit, for example, claims it has the support of a large company.
LeRoyer retorted that Bustop is smaller and can better meet the needs of customers and advertisers.
All companies are trying to open up new areas.
Target Media hopes to add another 50 to 100 shelters this year, Seidel said.
Busst has expanded to Las Vegas and attractions in the San Francisco Bay area.
The city has its own needs.
More and more bus shelters companies are being asked to produce customized products
Design shelters for certain cities.
Officials at Buena Park requested copper.
For example, there is a shelter with a roof, and the City of Riverside wants its sanctuary to be painted lavender.
There is a basic housing that has already cost $3,000, and LeRoyer said he is concerned that other cities may make similar request changes, raising manufacturing costs.
Advertisers pay a lot for the right to put posters in shelters.
These companies charge $500 to $600 per monthby-4-foot panel. Some high-
The price of the panels at visible locations such as airports is $1,100.
These advertisements are not intended to attract passengers or pedestrians, but to attract the attention of past drivers.
\"We are vehicles.
\"These shelters are all at the eye level,\" said Dolin Roberts, vice president of Gannett Transit . \".
As a result, advertisers who may have extensive experience with television, print media or billboards have to learn some new tricks about bus shelters.
\"One thing we learned is to make the color big and bright,\" said Bonnie Crail, executive vice president of marketing for Tustin Pacific Sun suit.
She said the company logo had to be placed in the top half of the poster, otherwise it would not be visible when someone parked a vehicle near the shelter.
Crail said OP has been advertising bus shelters on beaches without billboards for about five years.
\"We usually like to go to the arteries of the beach or places where there is a lot of traffic,\" she said . \".
A small surfing sport --
Yorba Linda\'s clothing company says the posters are well-drawn to customers in specific cities where the company sells its clothing.
\"Basically, we want to throw our names out,\" said Ivory Sully, vice president of Ego . \".
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