bus commuters face a harrowing time on coimbatore roads

by:YEROO     2019-08-27
Bus commuters in Coimbatore are ignored in every way, and it\'s no exaggeration if you look at the bus stop on the main road of the city.
There are many bus stations that do not have shelters for passengers, forcing them to withstand the scorching sun or the pouring rain.
Where there is a shelter at the bus stop, the bus never stops there.
Drivers often stop outside the bus stop and push commuters on the road again.
Where there is a bus stop, the roof and benches are missing and poorly maintained.
As early as 2010, when the city hosted the world\'s classic Tamil conference, the shelter at the bus stop was renovated.
Complex bus stations with clocks, steel benches and drinking water have attracted the attention of many people.
But, R. says, it turns out that this is just a beauty workout at selected locations in the core city area that have just disappeared from reality in a few months
Raghavendran is a regular user of city bus services.
It turned out that the right to advertise for renting these shelters was a wrong move, and the interests of advertisers replaced the needs of bus passengers.
Civic groups licensed the shelters at the bus stop, eventually allowing a shelter at the bus stop, and advertisers set up two or three shelters in busy areas for advertising miles.
A tnstc official, who declined to be named, noted that advertisers never crossed the main road. Road Safety-cum-
The Transport Advisory Committee objected to this practice, which was also recorded in the minutes of the meeting.
Instructions were also given to remove the excess shelters and place them where they were actually needed.
The emergence of more shelters will only confuse passengers and drivers.
If someone sees an abandoned bus stop that provides shelter for passengers, especially those close to the signal, the reason is that the driver stops in front of the bus stop if they find the signal red.
If the signal is green, they often go through the bus stop, forcing commuters
A submarine said the location was designated and their lives were at risk.
Inspectors have served in the transportation department for more than four years.
There are 265 approved bus shelters in the city.
According to an official list prepared by the Transportation Department, the company and the police, there are still 160 unauthorized shelters (i. e.
, Erected above a shelter approved at the same location).
K. said that orders to transfer them to the required locations have been kept on paper since 2003.
Kathirmathiyon, a consumer of Kota Kinabalu, is also a member country for road safety. cum-
Transport Advisory Committee
In order to ensure that there is a passenger shelter for each bus stop, the permit or approval system for the bus stop must be placed under a single window system and must stop earning through advertising rights.
He added that the Road Safety Fund or the MLAs constituency Development Fund or the MPs local development fund could be used to build shelters.
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