bus shelter advertisements: details sought

by:YEROO     2019-11-15
Regional collector Archana Patnaik has written to Coimbatore Corporation seeking details of the auction rights to place advertisements at bus shelters.
According to sources,
A few days ago, Patnaik received complaints from several parties that the company\'s actions were illegal and sent a letter from the demi official.
The Corporate Council adopted a resolution in October 19 to build 50 bus shelters in a private partnership and chose one of the two companies that bid.
It also grants the company 15 years of advertising rights and provides for an extension of the contract for another five years.
The company has agreed to pay rupees to the company. 21. 95 lakh a year.
The collector\'s inquiry was made after complaints and allegations that the municipality had deprived the district road safety board of authority in relation to the location of the bus shelter, and collectors of advertising rights.
Minister of Consumer Affairs K.
Kathirmathiyon said that the necessity and location of the bus shelter is always determined by the Commission, and as a collector of the regional transport authority, the city traffic police of Coimbatore, regional transport officials and companies are members.
The company has no right to unilaterally determine the number of bus stops.
Similarly, companies that grant advertising rights to a private company simply deprive collectors of their power, and only collectors are competent authorities.
The behavior of the company is illegal and questionable.
According to the rules, even if collectors want to grant advertising rights, there can only be three years.
Then how did the company Grant 15 years of rights and provide for an extension of another 5 years, Sir askedKathirmathiyon.
Company sources say they are investigating the matter.
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