bus shelter built on road with no bus service

by:YEROO     2019-09-23
A £ 6,000 bus shelter was installed on a road in South Yorkshire, although there was no bus service on the street.
A change in the schedule a month ago means that the bus no longer stops at tikhill Road in Malby.
However, instead of removing the bus stop, it was upgraded with a roof, bench and information panel.
South Yorkshire Passenger administration (SYPTE)
Said it was reviewing its installation process \"to prevent this from happening again \".
SYPTE added that the housing installation was approved as part of a planning application for a nearby New Home Bargains store and was paid by the real estate developer.
Travel agencies hope the accommodation can be moved to nearby Hamilton Road.
Tony Truman, who lives nearby, said, \"someone didn\'t do their homework, did they?
\"According to the gossip, we heard that they are moving it now.
\"Local residents also found that bus stops included spelling mistakes and a \'L\' was missing on Hamilton Road \'.
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