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Bus shelter design considerations


Bus shelters are commonly used in people's lives. No matter how old or young, men and women choose to travel by bus more and more. In the face of some aging cities, buses have become a means of transportation for the elderly. Bus shelters are the basic public facilities and should be considered for the design of the elderly.

Nowadays, buses in many big cities provide free travel to the elderly. Most elderly people still use it as their preferred method of travel, so they have placed more demands on public transport. In the design of the bus platform, we must first ensure the stability of the product structure, and the durability is the first element to consider.

YEROO-Bus shelter design considerations

Secondly, it is a security factor. The elderly are slow to move. When the car has not come, it has already started to move to the dangerous area and wait for the bus. Now most bus stations have no railing equipment. Therefore, the bus stop needs to set a fence or waiting area within the specified range. The setting of this waiting area avoids the congestion and collision of ordinary passengers and white pelicans when the passenger flow is large. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the training of bus drivers, so that drivers can be as close as possible to the unobstructed waiting area when parking.

The bus shelter is designed to be humanized, taking into account the local waiting environment and crowd characteristics, and providing more convenience for people's travel.

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