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Bus shelter design is smarter and more convenient


If the bus is a "mobile business card" of the city, then the bus shelter is a window to showcase the city's culture and style. While providing convenience for citizens to wait for the bus, it also adds a beautiful landscape to the city. Therefore, it is necessary to spend thoughts on the design of bus shelters.

As a professional manufacturer of bus shelters, Yitong has deep experience and unique creative perspective in the field of bus station design. Our design team refines the design elements such as shape, color and material, and applies them to the design of bus shelters. In, show the characteristic city image and city charm.


In addition to the design of the bus station, which is innovative in shape and color, and rich in characteristics, the functions of the bus shelter designed by our company have also been systematically upgraded. The technology and intelligent design are based on the characteristics of humanization and intelligence. The shelter is equipped with multi-functional intelligence. The query LCD screen has multiple functions such as displaying train information, voice announcement, monitoring and so on.

It can be seen that the design of bus shelters needs to be more humanized and technological in terms of appearance and internal functions, so that such shelters can better bring convenience and comfort to people's travel and enhance the image of the city.

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