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Bus shelter design notes


Bus shelter production, everyone cares about the price of the bus shelter, is the quality of the bus shelter. The quality control of the bus shelter is naturally inseparable from the entire bus booth production process. In this regard, Foshan bus booth manufacturer YEROO advertising will provide a comprehensive analysis of the relevant precautions for the production of the bus shelter.

1. Punch: The corresponding hole of the light box and the column of the bus shelter must be punched after the distance is good. Because during the installation, if the hole distance between the column and the box is not correct, it will not be installed smoothly, resulting in rework. Time-consuming and labor-intensive capital.

2. the glass installation: Some people think that the installation of glass is not very simple? Yes, it is very simple from a technical point of view, but here is a meticulous work, because the glass on the light box of the shelter is not ordinary glass, generally tempered glass, there are positive and negative points, if you accidentally reversed, the later is still the same Have to rework.

YEROO-Bus shelter design notes

3. Waterproof: There are various lighting, canvas and other facilities in the light box of the bus shelter. It needs to be waterproof. Although there is a ceiling, the rain can be much better, but after all, it cannot be completely blocked, so the waterproofing of the light box is very important. Light box waterproofing is generally achieved by waterproof rubber strips and glue. When installing glass, waterproof strips should be installed in the place where the glass and the door are in contact. On the one hand, it is waterproof, on the other hand, it can prevent the glass from being scraped.

4. Hydraulic ejector: The hydraulic ejector that supports the window of the shelter is sometimes a safety hazard. Therefore, when installing and using, you must pay attention to it. When closing the window, you need to remove the hydraulic ejector to prevent it. The next time you open the door to change the canvas or check the repair, it will be bounced.

The above points are matters that need to be paid attention to during the production process of bus shelters. They are all very detailed places, but they are very important. Regardless of whether they are in the production of bus shelters or in the choice of waiting booths, these points are worthy of reference.

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