bus shelter in dasarahalli

by:YEROO     2019-09-13
T there is no bus shelter.
Although thousands of people take buses at different locations every day.
In the summer and rainy season, it is very difficult for the elderly to wait for the bus.
I ask the appropriate authorities to provide at least two shelters as early as possible. — Guruprasad. S. T. Dasarahalli.
Note the company: the company seems to be very keen on laying tiles only on sidewalks in certain areas, but does not seem to care about the bad roads that put the public on the rollerscoaster ride.
I\'m talking about the seventh main road in New York. S.
Palya of Stage II of BTM Layout.
Although there are many commercial complexes on this road and the area has been fully developed, asphalt has not been laid on a regular basis.
-Aresident in New York StateS. Palya.
Cursed layout: The residents of the Manjunatha Layout in murugsipalia have never seen the right path.
The \"path\" outside their beautiful apartment and house has never been leveled or paved with asphalt.
Mud and mud are everywhere during the rainy season.
A wind tunnel was even dug on both sides.
Companies like TI, HP and even nearby airports, I wonder why such a huge residential area has been overlooked all the time.
Now, even an appropriate sewage system has been established, and the excavation of the pipeline for boiling water has ended.
Nothing can stop the authorities from adding asphalt to the roads now.
This road: This is about the road between Janata Bazar, BSK loop to SitaCircle Road to lay asphalt through the water tank.
This road is not suitable for people driving.
The road has not been paved with asphalt for a long time.
Connecting the Mysore Bank Colony and BSKRing Road (
Ittamadu, Padmanabhanagar & BSK).
We ask the elected local representative and the relevant authorities to start their work immediately. — Raghupathi. R. S. Bangalore. Step-
Mother\'s treatment: step has been received by Magadi Road-
Motherly treatment from the current government
Although the so-called \"corridors\" were developed on the basis of war, this part of Bangalore was ignored.
Before Sunkadakatte, which is only 10 kilometers away from VidhanaSoudha, the basic facilities such as street lights and good roads are over.
In addition to this, there is a lot of layout and Magadi Road is the only channel.
I hope this will be brought to the attention of the authorities.
€ \"Vishweshwaraya Jaganath, BharatNagar.
Tragic road: the state of Tulsitheatre Road in malatari is tragic.
The sixth Cross-resident of our Chowdeshwari layout was unable to access this main road, forcing us to walk 1 km-long route.
The whole road is full of dust and hinders the public from moving forward.
Ward members are not bothered to solve the problem.
Will the CMC authorities lay the road and help the residents?
€ \"Residents, month-to-day crossover, Chowdeshwari layout, marathahallidescoms, cheating: the PlayStation comsoutlets have been set up with the aim of providing products to consumers to conceal on price.
However, misconduct by their employees is rampant, with prices ranging from one outlet to another, even in the same area.
Also, there is no boundary outside the store that shows the price.
So the customer is fast and there doesn\'t seem to be any mechanism to stop this drawback.
Some time ago, the daily price was published in the newspaper.
This practice has stopped for some reason.
I hope that urgent measures will be taken by the authorities of the komcoms and the Department of Weights and measures to curb this massive cheating. — N. A.
Gandhi, Nagar.
BCC, pleasenote and act: Although many letters and statements have been submitted to regional companies, the situation in Nagashettihalli and surrounding areas has not been improved.
I would like to draw the attention of the BCC and bwssb authorities to certain issues in this area.
Bins are not cleaned regularly and there are many unfinished drains that are blocked during the monsoon as waste spills into the drain.
In the colony of gaowalah and Sihineerubavi Road, garbage collectors took pains to empty the bins.
At the beginning, the area was underdeveloped and there was no asphalt road.
In addition, mud roads are often dug out for one reason or another.
The last time was an underground drain, drinking water is now provided.
I know we need facilities like this.
But why not? ™Isn\'t the workers making sure the trenches ditch is properly filled? — C. M.
Poonacha, Nagashettihalli.
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