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Bus shelter manufacturers: characteristics of solar bus shelter


In recent years, the development and utilization of solar energy has become more and more common. If you observe carefully, it is not difficult to find that solar energy shelters occupy the streets and lanes of many cities. So why do so many cities choose to install solar-powered bus shelters? What are its advantages?

1, from the aspect of styling

Compared with the traditional bus station, the solar-powered bus shelter is more exquisite in shape, and the built-in advertising light box is like a bright light in the middle of the night to warm the hearts of pedestrians at night.


2, Safety and environmental protection, energy saving

Ordinary bus stations use electrical energy systems to maintain normal operation, resulting in a waste of energy. However, solar shelters use solar panels to generate solar power. In addition to their own use, they can also supply unused electricity to surrounding facilities. This can effectively reduce the waste of electricity and reduce part of the cost accordingly. .

3, from the use of functions

The solar-powered bus shelters make full use of modern intelligent technology, carry out humanized design around the different needs of people, and make many improvements in terms of functions. For example, it is equipped with humanized designs such as free WiFi, USB charging, shared umbrellas, and intelligent air purification systems, which provide a high-quality waiting environment for people to travel by bus.


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