Bus shelter manufacturers share the popular bus stop styles

by:YEROO     2020-02-24
In today's accelerating urbanization process, buses, as one of the most commonly used public transport for people to travel, are playing an important role in people's lives. As a basic public facility that citizens often contact, the bus shelter is more like a collection point of urban transportation network, connecting the whole city. When choosing the design style of the shelter, we should not only consider the use environment, crowd characteristics, route planning and other elements of the shelter, but also focus on the humanistic characteristics of the whole city. As the most frequent public facility in the city, the shelter's design style has become a symbol of the city's construction and development. So what are the different design styles of bus shelters as important symbols in the city? I. Urban style the shelter in urban style is simple and elegant, and the bright-colored posters add color to the busy city. Personalized devices such as LED display screen, advertising light box and voice control system can be added, among which LED display screen can provide citizens with services such as station reporting service, route guidance and stop prompt, bringing convenience to people's travel. Second, European and American style European and American style bus shelters pay more attention to the appearance design. The unique curve and contrasting colors endow the bus shelters with bold innovation. It makes the bus shelter become the finishing touch in the city and is deeply loved by the young people. At the same time, the bus shelter with European and American style is also suitable for parks, scenic spots and other places. III. Archaized style archaized style bus shelter shows the cultural deposits of the whole city in a subtle place. The archaized shelter, whether it is the main shape or the seat or the fence, all shows the historical accumulation of the city. The unique design is integrated with the city culture, further highlighting the characteristics of the city! 4. Style of villages and towns in recent years, the development level of villages and towns in China has gradually improved, followed by the improvement of infrastructure construction in villages and towns, which is different from urban bus shelters, the bus shelters in the style of villages and towns pay more attention to the equipment of basic functions and pursue the humanistic characteristics of localization in style design. This is also the main reason why the style of villages and towns is unique! As one of the indispensable public infrastructures in the city, the design style of bus shelters gradually presents a trend of characteristics and diversification. In order to meet the changing customization needs of customers, on the premise of ensuring the original functionality, bold innovation, brand-new elegant series, City simple series, solar energy Environmental Protection series and other products have won design patents, get the favor of customers from all over the country.
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