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Bus shelter manufacturers: the advantages of solar bus stations


I believe that in many cities there will be some different styles and different styles of bus stops. They not only look beautiful, but also have rich functions. These bus shelters sometimes not only provide shelter from wind and rain for passersby waiting for the bus, but their beautiful appearance and structure also add a bit of color to the road. So today we are going to introduce the advantages of one of the solar bus stations and whether the quality and cost performance are high.

1. Solar power supply, saving resources

The power generation systems in the shelters produced by many bus station manufacturers have been updated to solar power generation systems, which can rely on solar power during the day and use electric resources for lighting or broadcasting at night, which is very advanced in resource recycling.


2. High structural strength and long service life

The roof of the solar bus station adopts 1.8mm galvanized sheet hemming and galvanized pipe frame. The steel plate laser cutting and welding technology is adopted, and the hardness of the internal structure is greatly strengthened. Electrostatic spraying is used in the surface treatment process, and there will be no wear even under high pressure, which indirectly corresponds to prolonging the service life of the entire workpiece at least 10 years, so the price is very high.

3. The window has beautiful appearance and advanced lighting system

About 8mm thick silk screen tempered glass is used in the main window part, which is beautiful in appearance and has strong recovery ability after an accident. The high-bright spotlight LED is compared up and down. It also contains a time controller and a leakage protector to ensure the use of the shelter. Safety and power saving ability. Manufacturers of shelters talk about the development trend of solar shelters.

In summary, solar-powered bus shelters are not only beautiful, but more importantly, they have outstanding performance and high safety index. Friends who are interested in this aspect can go to the relevant production department for consultation and customization, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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