bus shelter on new bel road stolen

by:YEROO     2019-08-27
Thieves who want to make money quickly prefer gold chains, expensive smartphones and cars.
It is strange for a gang to target a bus shelter, but even more strange is that it was done under the nose of the police.
A bus shelter just a few feet away from the Sadashivanagar police station on New Baylor Road was stolen.
The theft came to light on Monday, when Praveen Lingaiah, executive engineer at Blue Hart Bengaluru mahanara Pamir (BBMP)
Arrive on site for inspection.
He found that the entire metal structure-rather than the bus shelters that need to be upgraded urgentlyroof and all —was missing. Mr.
Linghaya will identify the old bus shelters that need to be replaced, and he filed a complaint at the sadakhivarnaga police station.
The stolen bus shelter has a history of more than 10 years and is based on public-private cooperation.
It is estimated that the cost of the bus stop is borne by advertisers. 5 lakh.
According to Sadashivanagar police, some unidentified individuals recently removed the shelter and loaded it onto a truck.
\"The shelters are a mess and police officers think these people are from BBMP,\" said a senior police officer . \".
Police are now collecting CCTV footage to identify the accused.
This is the second such case in a few months.
Recently, bus shelters on the backward loop of the Nandini Layout and BTM Layout Phase III were stolen.
There was no progress in the two investigations.
\"Although BBMP has no financial losses, this trend is worrying,\" he said . \"Lingaiah.
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