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Bus shelter price budget


Bus shelters are an indispensable part of our lives and an important part of urban infrastructure. The function of waiting for the bus and getting on and off is no longer its value. It also has the corporate culture and advertising role, but also has the role of beautifying our street environment. But for the consumers who want to buy, what is the bus shelter price budget? The following bus booth manufacturers will give you a brief introduction.

1, custom quantity

The overall number of customizations is large and the price is much higher, but in the case of a large quantity, a single offer will be more affordable.

2, function

At present, the bus shelter has various advanced intelligent functions such as solar energy, voice broadcast, rolling system, electronic stop sign, LED display, real-time monitoring, etc., but the more the selected functions, the correspondingly higher the cost.

3, size

The size of the bus shelter determines the amount of material used for production, and of course determines the cost. This is not to say that the larger the size or the smaller the size, it is generally determined according to the actual needs of the installation site.

YEROO-Bus shelter price budget

4, materials

The materials used in the shelters are an important factor influencing the price of the shelters. The materials commonly used today are stainless steel, galvanized and aluminum alloys. Their performance: rust, density, corrosion resistance and service life are all different, users need to determine according to their actual needs and budget.

5, appearance

The design and complexity of the bus shelter are directly related to the production process. The simple appearance of the process is naturally less, and the cost is of course more economical. The production of the bus shelter cannot be pursued cheaply, and the setting of the style depends on the historical culture, environment, and geography of the city.

6, manual

The cost of manufacturing and installing bus shelters is a relatively important part of labor costs. If the labor cost is low in the country of origin, the corresponding cost is low. We are a province with a large population, and of course the labor price will be better than other places. It's cheap, but you can also look for local technicians to install, which is one aspect of controlling the price budget of the shelter. 

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